This program is a partnership between the Denver Probate Court and Denver District Court; the REACH (Review, Evaluate, and Assist Community-based behavioral Health) Docket is presided over by Judge Lisa Arnolds and hears felony cases in which competency has been raised.  The specialized docket will enable a teams-based approach to ensure that clients' medical and behavioral needs are met and to enable out-of-custody restoration.

Competency clients present to the court with a range of medical and behavioral issues which can be more easily addressed in a problem-solving, collaborative venue by a team of providers.   The REACH Docket will provide that venue, under the leadership of a district court judge. 

The docket will accept transfers from the originally-assigned courtrooms, set hearings, coordinate warm handoff releases from jail to the community, develop policy and procedures, collect and maintain data, and address client needs. 

One REACH Docket Coordinator

To be determined

Decrease in individuals who require admittance to the state hospital for competency restoration; decrease in time to reach competency outcome; increase in treatment service engagement during and after justice involvement

This program provides a judicial venue for competency clients’ needs to be addressed in order to promote client flow through the competency evaluation and restoration process, out of custody.   It leverages existing community resources by ensuring collaboration among providers to fully meet client needs.  

$220,000 for two years