Augmenting the State Courts Bridges Program to provide additional program capacity; Providing case planning and access to out-of-custody resources to enable non-custodial evaluation and restoration to competency

In 2019, the State Courts Administrator’s Office implemented a statewide program to enable better coordination between community mental health systems and judicial districts.  Bridges allocates 19 positions across the state, one of which was allocated to serve Boulder County.   Bridges Liaisons provide case planning, facilitate the provision of treatment and wraparound resources, and communicate competency system progress to the Court.  

Needs assessment, case planning, system navigation, neurological exams, Court communication, in addition to treatment resources, and emergency client resources (clothing, shelter, cell phones, hotel vouchers); funds will also be used toward the purchase of a fleet vehicle for client transportation

Two Bridges Court Liaisons

145 clients at a time

Decrease in individuals who require admittance to the state hospital for competency restoration; Decrease in time to reach competency outcome; Increase in treatment service engagement during and after justice involvement

This program augments State Courts’ own program, which is implemented to improve the competency restoration waitlist and processing time.  The Fines Committee-funded augmentation triples the capacity of the existing program.  Evaluation of this program will provide information regarding the impact of expanding the Bridges program in one jurisdiction. 

$505,842 for two years