This program, Embark Recovery Residences, provides sober-living housing to serve individuals released from confinement who are receiving competency restoration.

Prior to the implementation of this program, the 4th Judicial District (El Paso and Teller Counties) was the largest judicial district in the state without a Fines Committee-funded program operating in its jurisdiction to serve its clients. 

Embark Recovery Residences provides sober-living housing, with 24-hour management, transportation, and food and support services are available on site.  Embark also offers individual assessment and treatment planning, medication management, psychiatry services, daily classes, substance use monitoring, support groups, peer mentoring, vocational support, public benefit acquisition, and competency restoration services.  

Certified addiction specialist, licensed addiction counselor, two peer coaches, receptionist, and housing managers

Embark Recovery Residences can serve 15 clients at any given time; with an average length of stay of four months, the goal is to serve 45 unique clients in a twelve-month period.

Decrease in individuals who require admittance to the state hospital for competency restoration; Decrease in time to reach competency outcome; Increase in treatment service engagement during and after justice involvement

This program utilizes a sober-living model, where residential houses are being utilized to serve competency clients specifically.  Treatment and wraparound services are combined with competency restoration services to enhance clients' likelihood of achieving success in the community. 

$641,700 for two years