Targeting mid- to high-acuity clients, this program will provide licensed transitional assisted living for up to eight competency-involved individuals at a time, transferred from the El Paso County Jail, to be restored in the community 

The Department of Human Services has made grant funding available to increase the capacity of assisted living beds in the state, specifically to serve the competency population.  In order to qualify for the funding, conditions must be met related to facility and staff licensing.  For organizations with no experience in operating assisted living facilities, these conditions are barriers to entry.  The funding disbursed to this program will help it meet the state eligibility requirements to qualify for the longer-term grant.

Individual assessment and treatment planning, medication management, nurse practitioner services, substance use monitoring, support groups, peer mentoring, life skills and activities of daily living training, daily housekeeping and laundry, and public benefit acquisition

Partial salary support for a licensed program administrator

8 clients at a time

Decrease in individuals who require admittance to the state hospital for competency restoration; Decrease in time to reach competency outcome; Increase in treatment service engagement during and after justice involvement

This program utilizes Fines Committee funding to start an assisted living facility which will be sustained for future operations by ongoing state funding.  This is the first assisted living program funded; it will provide a community-based opportunity to clients whose conditions are more highly acute than other options in the 4th Judicial District.  

$420,820 for one year