Improving the historically ineffective processes in cases with competency issues while coordinating supportive services and treatment in the community

Criminal cases in which competency to proceed is raised are typically spread evenly across all the criminal divisions in a district or county court.   Competency cases pose challenges for the operation of court divisions in that the pace of progress is slower and often difficult to plan for as progress is dependent on clients’ ability to be restored (which is often complicated by conditions in-custody, access to specialized mental health care, and plagued by scarce resources).  Attorneys and judicial officers staffing the cases might only have a handful in a caseload with competency; as such, they may not have the capacity to develop expertise in competency.  Issues such as appropriate pretrial supervision levels, client needs, and opportunities for diversion are complicated in competency cases, but achieving positive clinical and legal outcomes often depend on decisions made regarding these issues.  

Needs assessment, community resource identification, case management, treatment services, coordination with justice agencies, and coordination of timely competency evaluations

One court liaison, one team lead

60 clients at a time

Reduction in individuals who are awaiting or receiving restoration services in custody; Reduction of individuals awaiting competency evaluation in custody; Decrease in time necessary to complete restoration process

This program presents a model of a “competency docket,” fashioned in a quasi-problem-solving courts model, where county staff coordinate treatment and services on behalf of the court.  Also, the Larimer County Competency Docket is presided over by the 8th Judicial District Chief Judge – and having judicial leadership at that level demonstrates the level of commitment the community has to support this program. 

$533,242 for one year

The Larimer County Competency Docket Team won the 2022 Fort Collins Human Relations Award in the Organization Category from the City of Fort Collins Human Relations Commission.

Congratulations to the Larimer County Competency Docket Team!