The program increases psychiatric services in the Larimer County Jail and establishes a community-based competency hub that provides one site for clients to receive behavioral health services and whole-person care.

The availability of psychiatric services is a barrier statewide to the appropriate treatment of the competency restoration population.  Moreover, when psychiatric services are available in custody, it is not always the case that a continuity of care will be maintained if/when clients are transitioned to care out of custody.  The continuity of care will support the transition of clients both within competency services and to outpatient services once competency is resolved.

In jail psychiatric assessment and treatment, out-of-custody psychiatric, addiction and medical assessment and treatment, continuity of care, medication management, physical location in the community for therapy, peer support, treatment, and restoration services with space for community partners

Psychiatrist (partial FTE), advanced practice provider (partial FTE), registered nurse, and medical assistant

40 clients at a time

Increase in individuals who are medication compliant both in custody and outpatient; Increase in individuals who can safely receive restoration services in the community; Increase in restoration to competency out-of-custody

This program augments competency restoration programs within Larimer County including the 8th Judicial District Competency Docket.  The program provides requisite psychiatric, addiction, and medical care to those clients requiring it.  The care will start at referral in jail and be continued in community – including medication management.   This program addresses, for Larimer County, the persistent gap in psychiatric level of care for the competency population.   

$3,029,283 for three years